Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas...

I pray your day is filled with the love of family and friends and blessings from God above.

Merry Christmas friends...


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving...

Hello Friends,

I hope your Thanksgiving day is filled with family, friends, good food and blessings galore.

And a little crochet never hurts...

Enjoy your holiday...


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Crochet Pumpkin Tutorial...

I have made so many of these little pumpkins over the last couple of weeks. First, my garland and then single ones with pins attached to the back for wearing. They are so easy - and fun - to make I decided to do a tutorial for you. One last note, please excuse my un-manicured nails. It's amazing what you don't notice until you see it big on your computer screen...


Create a magic circle

then, chain one plus 9 double crochet

pull tight

and slip stich into the chain one.

Create 2 double crochet each in stitches 1 through 4

then slip stitch into stitch 5

and create 2 double crochet each in stitches 6 through 9

ending with a slip stitch in the slip stitch that closed the first round.

Cut the yarn, leaving a tail and pull it through the stitch.

Thread a yarn needle and bring the yarn down through the slip stitch from the first round and tie it with the starting tail.

And, your pumpkin is done.

To make the stem, chain 4

cut and pull your yarn through the stitch and, using a yarn needle, thread it half way through the back of the chain.

Working from the front of your pumpkin, bring the starting tail through to the back

turn your pumpkin over and

knot it with the ending tail that was threaded half way through the chain.

To make the leaf, chain four

and then turn and create a single crochet, half double crochet and a slip stitch. Cut your yarn and pull it through the stitch.

Working from the front of the pumpkin, use your yarn needle and bring one of the tails to the back of the pumpkin.

Pull the second tail over the top of the pumpkin and tie them together.

Weave the yarn ends in and cut of the extra yarn.

Your pumpkin is done!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Autumn Leaves...

Autumn is my favorite time of year.

After seeing an inspirational picture on Pinterest, I decided to create autumn leaf garland. The leaves are cut from felt and strung with yarn.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall Pumpkins...

Last Sunday I had a plan - to finish my granny square garland and hang it up. But, I spent a little time on Pinterest before I started and I got sucked into something new.


I saw so many cute pictures of fall decorations and I thought, "I should crochet some pumpkins to make garland." So, that's what I did. I love them...


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Small Granny Squares...

In my last post you saw how I was trying my hand at a granny square for a bunting.

And, it was Way To Big.

So, after some thought about how I could re-work it, I'm pretty happy with the results so far. They are approximately 3 inches square and made with cotton yarn. I wanted them to look like something my Nana would have made - lots of colors.

I will post more pictures when they are finished and hung up.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

In Case You Were Wondering...

I am still here...

Busy, though, doing many things - and, crochet & crafting {and my blog} have taken a back seat.

I have been wanting to make a granny square bunting for several months now. Day before yesterday I started working on it. I really wanted to do a circle in the center and then square it up while keeping it small enough to match the picture I have in "my mind's eye". I have been looking at different patterns and  pictures online and I'm not really there yet (because what I have done so far is HUGE). But, it's a start and I am excited about it.

And here I have a surprise for a friend...

I hope you are enjoying your weekend...


Sunday, August 25, 2013


We have another set of baby doves out our house.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mason Jar Cozy...

For this cozy...

- Create a magic circle and rounds of double crochet to fit the bottom of the mason jar
- Double crochet for the rows to fit the mason jar snug 
- Treble crochet for the scallops (5 treble crochet in one stitch, skip next stitch, single crochet in next stitch, skip the next stitch, 5 treble crochet in the next stitch)  


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Starting A New Project...

I hope you all are well and enjoying your sunday.

I am starting a new project.

Mason jars and crochet - gotta love um...


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Crochet Headband...

My daughter has been asking me to make her a headband for a while now. I had seen this pattern from All About Ami and decided yesterday I would give it a try.

It's works up so fast and easy. The yarn I am using came in a bag I got from Michael's for $3.00 - I think it's a wool blend, it's so soft. The true color is more blue than the picture shows.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

How Cute Is This...

I got this from a dear friend.

I love the little blue bird inside.

It's so cute...