Sunday, September 11, 2011


I have been away for way too long. It's just been really busy with the kids back in school, and both in sports and with work. Also, I have been really into reading in my spare time (my very little spare time). I feel like I only have my tomatoes (which are coming to an end of growing), my ripple blanket (which I crochet on a little bit here and there) and momma bird (who has been on her nest 3 times this summer - yes, 6 baby doves in all) to talk about. And I really don't want to bore you with repeats. 

And I am sure you are remembering, just as I am, what happened 10 years ago today. Remember to keep living for the things that matter most to you, show love and kindness every day and don't sweat the small stuff. 

I do want to share my new Pinterest with you. I see so many wonderful things online and I am glad I signed up for a small spot on their website. While there, check out my <3 books board. There you will see some of the Beverly Lewis books I have been reading this summer. 

I also want to say a very happy birthday to my niece Sage today. Love you Sage... :o)