Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tole Painting...

Tole painting is something I use to do a lot, starting about 18 years ago. I have a scroll saw and use to cut out all of my own wood. I would sand it down smooth and prep it to paint. I made so many things to decorate my home and to give as gifts. I loved the whole process, from start to finish. Slowly I did it less and less, until not at all, mostly because of time and space. But I still love it. When we went on the Quilt Run last weekend, a couple of the quilt shops had tole painted signs out front. Seeing them makes me want to get out my brushes again. But, thinking of all the other things I want to craft stops me. Well, maybe one day...

So, I will just share with you a few of my tole painted projects from the past, please excuse my dust.



  1. Awwww, this reminds me of so many fun nights in Riverside when we tole painted together! Let's do it again soon! I need to come over and use your saw and sander, I miss cutting my own designs and painting too! I can smell the wood, and picture so many projects I loved making. Let's do it, let's add it to our list of "must do's"!

  2. that would be fun...
    okay, adding it to the "to do list" lol


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