Friday, October 21, 2011

Works In Progress...

Well, I have been working on my ripple blanket consistently and have finally gotten to a stopping point. {mainly because I came to the end of my yarn} So, for now, it is finished. But I am thinking that in the near future I will be buying more yarn to add to it. It is so wonderful the way it is right now. I am really excited for the cooler weather that's here because I love pulling it over my legs while resting on the couch.

I have also finished the crochet part of the hat for my daughter. 
Wow, the color of the yarn looks totally different from the inside pictures of it - lol. So, I am now ready to tackle the knitted band. 
Fingers crossed...



  1. Laura, your work is always beautiful! You are meticulous...

  2. Did you finish the hat? Where did you get the pattern or is it your own? I'd love to make this! Thanks.

  3. Hi Ahsly,
    I am almost done with the hat. I actually put it away for a while because I was frustrated with it. The band is knitted and you need to use a circular knitting needle, which I wasn't having any success with. I have decided to create the band in crochet and I hope it goes well. The pattern can be found on Ravelry here...

  4. Thanks! I can't knit to save my life. I have tried and tried and it's not in the cards for me. Thanks so much for sharing!


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