Saturday, February 25, 2012

Laundry Soap...

I do a lot of laundry.

With four grown people in my house, two of them being high schoolers that both play sports, I do about 10 + large loads of laundry a weekend. At the time I found the shower cleaner recipe I also found one for laundry soap. Well, I just made my second batch and I love it. It's easy to make, works very good and saves a lot of money.  You can find the recipe here ---> Homemade Laundry Soap.

So you know, washing soda is very hard to find in my area. But, after a little research I found that washing soda is soda ash which is used to control the ph in swimming pools. You can also order washing soda online.

I found a couple of recipes for laundry soap that use baking soda instead of washing soda or add it in along with the washing soda. The two are very different from each other and there is some controversy about using baking soda over washing soda.

The laundry soap works great. Everything smells clean with no heavy perfume smell. If there is a heavily soiled area, I pour some on the spot and rub it in before I put it in the washer.

I am happy to make it simply for the amount of money it saves me. Money, of coarse, that can be spent on more yarn - that makes me very happy.



  1. Hello Laura!
    What a beautiful blog you have!
    I love birds too and I love to crochet!

    I have been LOOKING AND LOOKING for a little owl! If you look at this blog: Sue asks people to send her crocheted squares and then puts them together and takes these blankets to nursing homes in England. She has different challenges, and one of them is for owls!

    1. thank you for your kind words Kay, and for the information about Sue's blog. I'll go check it out...

  2. Hello, I have just found you from Tangled Happy. I love your blog and have just become a follower. The background of the blog is lovely.


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