Saturday, March 10, 2012

Liebster Award...

The Liebster Award is given to blogs with less than 200 followers to promote awareness for their blogs. I was chosen by Hannah at Handmade by Hannah to receive this award. Thank you Hannah.

I check out many blogs on a daily basis for ideas and inspiration and really enjoy looking at the following blogs. I have chosen them to receive the Liebster Award.


Tipsy Tessie

Prettee Craftee

Jen's Hooky Place

The Hook Brings You Back

Okay bloggers, here is your chance to recognize some of your favorite blogs. Just show thanks to the blog who gave you the award by linking back to them, choose five of your favorite "up and coming" blogs to give the award too, letting them know about the award by commenting about it on their blog and then blog about it on your blog, just as I have done.

What a great way to let the world know that we are here...



  1. ooh how exciting! My very first blog award! Thanks very much.
    C x

  2. Laura thank you very much for the award! Coming from you it's a honour recieving it, I love your blog. Lovely day.


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