Monday, June 18, 2012

Yarn, Fabric and Patterns...

I must apologize - I have been away for a while, reading. It really is sad that a book can control so much of a persons free time as it has done mine, but...

I did have a fun girl's day out this past friday with my friend Penny. We went out antiquing and craft shopping and then had lunch a great little mexican restaurant. I bought some yarn at Michael's and got such a great deal. When we walked up to the store, they had a bunch of things outside to look at and some stuff on clearance. We spotted some yarn and went to look and then saw some large bags full of yarn that were marked $2.00. After looking over all of them and making my choice, I bought one of the bags, along with some more cotton yarn. I know I should have bought more, the price was so wonderful. But look, inside my bag was 13 skeins of yarn! I was very happy with my purchase.

Here is a picture of my new cotton yarn colors...

We also went to Joann's and were happy to find all of the Simplicity patterns on sale for $1.99 each. I bought two skirt patterns and am excited to be making them for the summer. And the best thing is that I can cut the longer skirt patterns to fit me and the shorter ones to fit my daughter. Yeah!

I bought one fabric for sewing my first skirt...

And then we found this fabric, which we both purchased. I am going to make a summer bag with mine. I love it...

Happy week to you all...



  1. Those look lovely Laura:) Can't wait to see your projects.

  2. Hi Laura! I really like those skirt patterns, and either will look great out of the green and white fabric. I bought this same fabric a while back, but haven't made anything with it yet. And how did I miss the yarn sale at Michael's? That was some good shopping!

  3. I love the picture you took of your yarn- -so excited that your bag was full of such great skeins!! Now, oh to figure out just the right project. . . .

    I can't wait to see your skirt when it's finished!! We must plan another shopping day soon- -it was so much fun!!!

  4. What an exciting bag of yarn. You were very restrained - I would have probably bought 10! The fabrics you bought are really pretty too. We live in a large town but our crafting supplies are hopeless and I have to resort to the internet which is not so fun as being able to select from a store. Have fun with all your projects. I am about to embark on my first ever proper sewing one - little sun dresses for my nieces. Lily. xxx

  5. Oe, I so love the fabric !!! Can not wait to see the end results

  6. Lucky you with that big bag of yarn! What book were you reading that you couldn't put down?


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