Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Could Write A Book...

Really, I could. And it would be called - My Adventures in Growing Zucchini - lol.

A week and a half ago, they looked like this. They all turned yellow and started to shrivel up, so I cut them all off.

And now, the new ones look like this...

And this, growing strong and healthy.

And then my husband had an idea. "Maybe you should have more than one plant so there are more male flowers to use for pollinating the female flowers on the zucchini." Not a bad idea, so I went out and bought a couple more. We still have a lot of hot weather here, and we love zucchini and I really want this to work. 

Hydrangeas - I really need to buy more of these plants.

And this is my little snail. It's made to put a candle in his shell. He is such a happy little guy...

I am finally getting the boarder on my Vintage Stripe blanket.

And, because I know you want to know, this is what I am listening to...

 I hope you are staying cool and enjoying your day. Here it is about 105 degrees and we had an earthquake this morning (and one last night).



  1. ohhhhh, I am so happy to see your zucchini growing so big and such a beautiful dark green color!! Watch out- -you'll be searching recipes soon to use up all of your crop!! I love hydrangeas too- -so beautiful! oh and your snail is so sweet! You are really making progress on your vintage stripe- -I better hurry up with my ripple- -you are way ahead of me!! :)

  2. Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers! And I love zucchini bread. I really need to try growing my own veggies next year, but I say that every year! I missed the earthquake last night, but sure felt the one this morning! Good luck with your pollination experiment, I am interested to see how it turns out!

  3. Wow - your blanket looks STUNNING! You must be so excited to be on the border. Look at those new and happy zucchinis! I love how fast they grow, it's almost beyond belief sometimes. Over our last summer we went from having medium sized ones one day, that turned into almost marrows overnight! The kids thought it was hilarious. Loving the hydrangeas too. One of my all time favourites. My neighbours plants grow a completely different colour to mine and it takes all my strength not to steal a bloom when I walk by!

    Have a fab week hon,


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