Saturday, May 7, 2011

Been Gone For a While...

I have been gone for a while. My hard drive crashed and I had to take it to get fixed at the Apple store. And because of this, it has taken me a while to get all of my goodies back. My iTunes library, my fonts, my water marks, my software all loaded again. It's like having a new computer, which of coarse is a good thing, but it took a while to get it back the way I wanted it. And I'm not even really there yet.

So, a note to you all - have all of your important things backed up on either disk or an external hard drive. I do this on a regular basis, being a photographer you have to. But a lot of people don't. A hard drive can crash with little warning and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. So, if you have family photos, important documents, videos , etc...

Back Them Up. 

And, with that being said and done...

I love the blog Attic 24. Lucy does the most beautiful things with crochet; blankets, pillows and flowers, and she has great pictures from her home in England. She made this cute bag to keep her yarn in and I love it. I have been working on mine, along with two of my friends from work. You can see my friend Penny's bag here. I can't wait until mine is done.

On a side note, my son and his friends found three kittens on the side yard under the shed early this afternoon.


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