Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Monday...

Today is Memorial Day, a time to remember and give thanks to those men and women who have served in the armed forces for our country.

It has been a great weekend with rest and relaxation, time spent with family and friends, a wonderful BBQ and an extra day off from work to enjoy.

Three day weekends are wonderful.

I tried something new - I made liquid hand soap. I think it turned out pretty good and I am happy at the money to be saved because of it. I followed this recipe from The Farmers Nest. She has a great picture tutorial to follow. I made just 1/2 a batch with a bar of Zest. I was able to fill two jugs, like the one in the background of this picture, for about $0.70 - a fabulous deal.

I have also started on the fourth book in the Outlander series...

And hooked up this little fruit cozy. You can find the pattern here on the Michaels website. I made the larger size, but my smallest apple still had a hard time squeezing into it for the pictures - lol. 

I hope you are enjoying your day.



  1. The fruit cosy is lovely. I am glad you had a lovely weekend. We do not have a holiday for our memorial day on 11th November. Lily. xxx

  2. I love the homemade liquid soap! Thanks for the link, I am going to make some for myself this week :)

  3. love the fruit cozy! i am so going to make that today :)

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  5. I love your fruit cozy, but can't find the pattern :(

    1. Thank you Kerry Anne. Unfortunately, it looks like Michael's has taken the pattern down from their website. I did a Google search for it (hoping someone had a different link) but I wasn't able to find anything. Sorry I wasn't more of a help.

    2. I was so sad when I couldnt find the pattern :( This was my favorite out of all of them I have seen!

    3. I know the responses to this post are a few years old, but I have found this pattern in paper form that I printed out the first time I saw this original post. If you still need a copy, send me your email & I will send you a picture of what I have.

      Love the blue bird, if you want me to send you a copy to put in this post just let me know.

      Jennifer Wilcox

  6. I found the link to the apple cozy

  7. This pattern can now be found on Yarnspirations website at


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