Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Jealous (just a little)...

My friend Penny has a dad with ten green thumbs. Seriously, he has to because he can grow zucchini that looks like this...

While all last summer mine looked like this...

Okay, maybe once or twice they looked like this...

But still, the man can grow anything. I am blessed that Penny shares her dad's beautifully grown veggies with me. I also got some english cucumbers. Yummy...

My hydrangea's are doing good though.



  1. Looks like one of two things.. either you need more water and fertilizer or you got cutter worms inside your stems..

    1. Thanks for the information Michelle, I will look into those things...

  2. Hi Laura, Mine look like your!!!

  3. Holy smokes those are amazing. I love it when the garden works and you get a good crop. I haven't had good tomatoes for about 3 years now. I guess the soil is getting depleted. Your hydrangeas are looking good!


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