Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mandala Madness Part Three...

Wow, the weather here in Southern California has been hot and windy today. I'm scared to think of how bad it's going to be this summer.

So, to keep from thinking of the weather... is another Mandala.

I love this pattern from Creative Being because it's very easy and fun to do. I especially love the technique for finishing each round. For this mandala, I threw in a few rounds of single crochet. And, I love the red, white and blue colors.

I hope you are crocheting your own mandala...



  1. ok. you've got me. heading to the other room to dig out some yarn and a hook!

  2. Wow, this pattern really does look good. I took up crocheting almost two years ago but I haven’t really gotten time to make anything this year.


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