Sunday, May 25, 2014

This Years Tomatoes - and Two More Mandala's

Good morning. It's a beautiful day here so far, it's nice and cool and I can hear the birds chirping outside - I am enjoying it.

I am excited because my tomatoes are growing and doing good (with the exception of one plant that is growing but not producing). 

These are Indigo Rose tomatoes... 

These are German Queen tomatoes...
These are Yellow Pear tomatoes...

These are the last two mandala's that I crocheted. I love the colors of this one and I am currently using it on the living-room table.
I really like the blues and greens with that little bit of yellow of this mandala but I'm not sure of the variegated yarn. I have always liked the color combination of variegated yarns but not the patterning you get when crocheting with them.
These little baby birds are in a nest in our patio. The picture is not that great and the nest is more bird-poo that twigs but, they are so cute that I wanted to share them with you.

Have a great day.



  1. Love the different varieties of tomatoes that you planted. I am trying several new ones this year, hoping they will produce well.
    Love your crochet as well, very pretty!


    1. I hope your tomatoes do well Nadine. Tomatoes are one of my favorites, so delicious to eat.
      Have a wonderful week...

  2. I used to love to grow tomatoes! yours are doing great. and you know I love your mandalas. I have a bunch of variagated yarn leftovers too & have avoided using them for these...

    1. I have not bought any variegated yarn for a long time - trying to use all that I have making some wash cloths.

  3. Mandalas are probably my favorite thing to make.

    1. I have been trying to find different mandala patterns to crochet. Lately, I have seen a lot on Pinterest.


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