Friday, July 6, 2012

Primrose Dishcloth...

I have to say thank you to the wonderful person who found the flower dish cloth pattern (called Primrose Dishcloth). I am very grateful for your help. I was very sad to see that the link for the pattern I had posted was no longer there. It is a cute pattern and it's fun and easy to make. So here it is, print out many copies to save for yourself and give to friends.



  1. Laura, You are a doll for sharing this. If I could see you I would make you a cup of tea, Yorkshire tea, and then we could crochet away!
    Thanks again, I will try to make this!
    Kay xx

  2. Thank you so much for reposting this! The link I had didn't exist anymore and then I cam across your blog posting. Thanks again :)

  3. Yes, Laura. Thank you for sharing this pattern. I know I have the free leaflet from Michael's, but where is the next question. I plan to make several and give them with a homemade facial scrub. I'm with Kay, I'll bring the Bakewell Tarts for tea. --Janet

  4. Thank you so so much!! I've been looking everywhere for this cute pattern since I saw it on your blog. You made my day! Thanks again ~ Cathy

  5. like it almost as much as I do the tea set. Printing it for church group. tks.

  6. Cute cloth and I just printed out a copy of it. I also just love your little owl pattern too. Thanks for sharing these fun crochet projects.