Monday, July 23, 2012

Wait Till You Hear This...

Last night, in the early evening, I went outside to take some pictures of my veggies and plants. The light was wonderful and it was cooling down nicely. The tomatoes are getting red (finally) and I thought "Tomorrow I will pick these." Well, today I get home from work, put my stuff down and go into the backyard happy to be able to pick my first tomatoes of the season and I could have cried. Something had eaten big holes into them. At first I thought tomatoes worms but I couldn't find any (and there were no eaten leaves). Then I wondered if the little bunnies I have been seeing in the yard might only like tomatoes when they are red and ripe. *sigh*

Well, out came the chicken wire and they are now fenced in, hopefully safe. Here they are from last night. (I guess I should have taken pictures of the bite marks too).

I have been going up and down with these zucchini's. They were doing good, and then they weren't, again. This was just last week. Two of them turned yellow and had to be cut off. I found a website called Gardening Know How with very good information. I think the problem was there was not enough calcium in the soil. The article said to put egg shells in the soil. So far so good...

Anaheim Chilies...

I love the coloring of my hydrangeas as they are growing...



  1. Wow you really have green fingers! I have only managed herbs and a rose bush so far successfully! My poor flowers got eaten my slugs and snails recently! They are such pests! xx

  2. My tomatoes are taking a long time to turn red too! I was patiently waiting for the very first one, and the darn chickens got to it first! Your zucchini look good in that pic. Hopefully you will be picking them soon!

  3. My tomatoes have not produced anything at all!! I am so hopeless at gardening. I will take a look at the website. I love hydrangeas too; those I do seem to have managed to grow this yeat and they are producing huge pink pom poms. xxx


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